Question: Do you have to accept evangelical Christology before you can start following Christ?

…or: does accepting the full biblical revelation of who Christ is equal the beginning of someones ‚journey with Jesus‘? If I think about the disciples, I know that their life with Jesus did not begin with agreeing to a doctrinal statement Christ made about himself. Of course, as they walked with him, he started to reveal himself, but he wanted to reveal himself to their hearts & not only to their minds. Because he knew, that they couldn’t handle certain things yet, his self-revelation was progressive.

So if this conclusion is true, this would mean two things:

a) Wanting to make people Jesus-followers (making disciples) does not primarily mean to convince someone of everything Christ ever said about himself. As Spurgeon said: Christ is known better by what he himself says, than by what his friends say about him. I don’t have to make converts to theology.
b) Rather, I should encourage people to start following Jesus (by listening to him and obeying him), even when they still have questions, doubts and even wrong opinions. When the disciples started following Jesus, they followed him as a travelling rabbi, not as the Son of God. That makes evangelism and discipleship synonymous. It also makes it more a matter of faith, obedience and experience, rather than of knowledge, intellect and arguments.

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