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Question: Should we question our faith?

As part of the whole emergent conversation, this is one of the hot issues: can or should a Christian question his or her faith? While I believe that the line that can be crossed is very thin, I would generally say „Yes“ to this. As long as we turn to the Bible for answers. Now I am aware that this very thing might cause not only more but bigger questions. What we must be careful to maintain is the attitude of complete trust in the character of God. He is good, loving, just, fair. But isn’t that exactly where our problems start? We know we ought to see God thus, but we stumble over doctrines which seem not to be reconcilable with who we believe God to be – the Father of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I just read again in George Macdonalds book, and I came across this excerpt of The Curate’s Awakening:

„And if any man would still say that because of my lack of absolute assurance I have no right to the sacred post [that is, as a pastor], I answer, let him cast the first stone who has never been assailed by such doubts as mine. And if such doubts have never been yours, if perhaps your belief is but the shallow absence of doubt, then you must ask yourself a question. Do you love your faith so little that you have never battled a single fear lest your faith should not be true? For what are doubts but the strengtheneing building blocks toward summits of yet higher faith in him who always leads us into the high places? Where there are no doubts, no questions, no perplexities, there can be no growth into the regions where he would have us walk. Doubts are the only means through which he can enlarge our spiritual selves.“

I remember reading in Tozer’s „The root of the righteous“ a similar statement. Doubts, questions and perplexities are not the enemy of faith – if they are not used as an end in themselves – as some do because they think that the questioner and doubter is per se superior to the one who can say „I am convinced“. Now that is of course not a Christian mindset. But we hurt ourselves if we are afraid to think and to question. Here is a quote that helps me tremendously, and with this I must end now:

„If the observed and the revealed seem hard to be reconciled, it is because we know too little, not too much.“ (Derek Kidner)

Don’t be afraid.