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Keep what is good

The emerging conversation has polarized alot of Christians. Some of that polarisation is good. Some is bad. My idea is, to take Paul’s approach: Test all things, and keep the good stuff. Maybe you’ve heard this line: „Some people say, the emergent church has some good points – but so does a porcupine!“ Well, to be honest, I don’t think that this is the best way to deal with it. What we should do in my opinion is this:

– Differentiate. Between people and their reputation. Between the different ‚lanes‘ within the emergent movement. (For this, I recommend Mark Driscolls teaching from the „Religion saves“-series on the emergent church. Go to, you’ll find it there somehow.

– See that most movements are reactionary. The emergent group reacts to something. What are the bad sides, downsides, weak points of modern day evangelicalism?

– List those things that caused the emerging church to emerge.

– Think about where we need to grow, change, and learn.
If we do that, we will be benefited from this movement. Or we just continue to bash everything we feel threatened by.

Here are some of the topics: dealing with the big issues in the world (war, pollution, corruption, etc.); social responsibility; the humanity of Jesus; different ways to do church; dealing with questions, doubts, etc.; facing the challenges of our culture; Christianity as a ‚way‘; any other suggestions?

I will start do deal with these issues one by one. And I believe it will be helpful and cause us to grow. Let’s face it: even though not ‚everything has to change‘ (Brian McLaren) – some things do! And our attitudes might be among these things…