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Sweet Quote from Oden’s ‚Rebirth of Orthodoxy‘

„Only under the old illusions of secularism could the false premises of the death of God and the decline of the faithful seem credible. If we step away from these illusions, it is easy to see that the demise of Western religion is the least likely premise in the Jewish and Christian understanding of history. Those who willingly enslave themselves to passing idolatries should not be surprised when the gods of modern times are shown to have feet of clay. When idols die, the idolaters understandably mourn and rage. Meanwhile, the grace-enabled community freely celebrates its exodus through and beyond the waters of modernity. This community glories in the intricate providences of history. Each dying historical formation is giving birth to new forms and refreshing occasions for living responsively in relation to grace.“

Sterile orthodoxy and true Christian life

Just a short quote from Francis Schäffer that goes along with some stuff I wrote about before: „If we forget the absolute uniqueness of Christ’s death we are in heresy. As soon as we set aside or minimise, as soon as we cut down in any way, as the liberals of all kinds do in their theology, on the uniqueness and substitutionary character of Christ’s death, our teaching is no longer Christian. On the other hand, let us remember the other side of this matter. If we forget the relationship to us as Christians of this order, then we have a sterile orthodoxy, and we have no true Christian life. Christian life will wither and die, spirituality in any true biblical sense will come to an end.“ (from „True Spirituality“)

Doctrine is important, but we have to ask and seek in order to bring it as deep as possible into our daily lives.